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Advanced Weapons Maintenance - Long Gun

If you carry a firearm or use one for defensive purposes, are you sure it will work when needed? Come learn how to properly maintain it, especially in winter, and learn how to do basic level armorer inspections and what products to use and what to avoid.

Course focus will be on AR-15 style rifles but other styles are welcome. Pulling from Dan's 30 years of gunsmith and factory certified armorer courses for most manufacturers this course will give you the confidence to maintain your handgun for years to come.

Advanced Weapons Maintenance - Long Gun

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  • Maximum of 2 rifles can brought to class. Please focus on your most used guns.

    All firearms must be trasported unloaded and in proper cases. For CCW carrieres please unload your firearm prior to entering the classroom.  THERE IS NO AMMO ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM! 

    • Rifles
    • cleaning kit (swabs, cleaning fluid, qtips, gloves, rag, gun cleaner and lube of choice
    • Feel free to bring any other tool you may want to learn to use. it is better to have it then not need it.
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