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Daniel Lombard has been actively involved in anti-poaching efforts in Africa supplying training, weapons and parts to the rangers who risk their lives in an effort to combat poachers and save Africa’s endangered animals.

DS Arms Inc. is proud to be the major sponsor of the Zulu Land’s Rhino Warrior Television Docu-Series produced by Dobson Entertainment. This 13 episode series will take you through the Anti-Poaching efforts to help save the Rhino population in South Africa.  Daniel Lombard hosts this program as we learn of the devastating effects from poachers against these gentle giants, and what is being done to stop it. DS Arms has had the privilege to supply SA58/FAL Rifles to the game rangers risking their lives every day in the field for very little pay. There are also volunteers who guard the Rhinos throughout the evening donating their time to attempt to prevent the butchering of what we call “The Last Dinosaur”.


DS Arms has brought other industry members together to help by donating much needed equipment such as optics (Vortex), boots (SWAT), glasses (ESS), web-gear and surveillance equipment (Rhino Air/Rotor Zen Helicopters). This show is not about firearms, but the good firearms can do in the correct hands. This show is also not about any single person, ego or a reality show, it is reality! If more drastic measures are not taken, the last of these mammals be it Rhino or Elephant, will only be in the history books. You will be disgusted for the reasons why the poachers are doing this for the vain consumers. Just a warning, some of the images are graphic.  We hope this series is the first of more to come in documenting and assisting the boots on the ground that are battling to make a difference.

Zulu Land’s Rhino Warriors – TV Docu-Series will air 13 half hour episodes on the Sportsmans Channel premiered in April 2016.  Powered by The Game Changer Foundation whose goal is to provide financial support and much needed equipment such as apparel, boots, binoculars, night vision, etc. to help fight this war and save these endangered animals.

The Game Changer Foundation aims to educate and influence through media platforms and work with government agencies, communities, and private individuals to protect wild animals from being poached, and provide much-needed equipment to the rangers that are fighting this silent war.

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