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Daniel served as a Police Officer in South Africa and was actively involved with firearms training both for civilians and law enforcement. As a competitor in national International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) shooting competitions, he achieved the distinguished honor of provincial colors for Natal. Daniel continued his law enforcement career when he emigrated to the United States and joined the Chicago Police Department where he is and has been serving for over 12 years; nine of which were spent on the Gang Unit where he was responsible for the planning and execution for over 100 high risk search warrants.

Daniel is a graduate firearms instructor from the United States Secret Service Academy and has been served as an assistant instructor with Spartan Tactical Training Group and the Hollow Training Center. He has presented training programs with the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) as well as the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and the Alabama Tactical Officers Association (ATOA).

Additionally, Daniel is a consultant for DS Arms where he is active in product development and is responsible for product presentation and demonstrations at foreign military shows.

Instructor Certifications:
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Ballistic Shield Instructor

  • Secret Service Academy Firearms Instructor Training Course

  • Strategeos International, Inc. – Response to the Active Shooter Instructor Course

  • Officer Survival in low light instructor Course

  • Sioux City Police Department Regional Training Center Active Shooter Instructor Course

  • Low light Shooting Instructor Course

  • Simunition Instructor and Safety Supervisor Course

  • State of Illinois Firearms Instructor

  • NRA Pistol Instructor

Armorer Certifications:
  • Colt AR15/M16/M4 Rifles

  • DS Arms FAL and AR15 Rifles

  • Beretta 92, 96 and Cougar Pistols

  • Remington 870 Shotgun

  • Benelli M4 Shotgun

  • Glock Pistol

Training Certifications:
  • Advanced pistol 1, 2, 3

  • Dynamic Room Entry

  • Defensive Duty Knife 1

  • Emergency Medical Response for Firearms Instructors

  • Using cover while moving and shooting

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Officer Survival and Safety School

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Sniper School

  • South African Police Basic SWAT Course, Patrol Rifle Course

  • National Firearms Training Association of South Africa Intermediate Handgun Course

  • Chuck Taylor –Advanced Handgun Skills Course

  • Rob Leatham – Advanced Handgun Skills Course

  • Tactical Security Solutions International – Extreme Close Quarter Battle Training for the Police Officer.

  • Snipercraft – Police Sniper Course

  • Hollow Training Center – Precision Rifle Course

  • Paul Howe – Patrol Carbine Class.

  • Spartan Tactical Training Group




Alex recently retired from the Chicago Police Department after almost thirty years. During his time with CPD Alex spent several years as a Firearms Instructor training many hundreds of recruits and in-service officers. He trained both Chicago and suburban recruits in the use of revolvers and many different types of semi-auto pistols as well as the 12-gauge shotgun. After being promoted to sergeant, Alex later returned and spent time assigned as the Firearms Training Supervisor. This new role involved many administrative tasks but Alex continued to teach classes personally which has always been his greatest interest. Whether as an instructor or later as the range sergeant, Alex has always tried to make firearms training enjoyable and practical with the goal of making the greatest gains in shooting and gun handling skill for the student.

Alex was first certified by the state of Illinois as a firearms instructor then was also certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), where he was recognized as a Distinguished Expert with the pistol and Distinguished Weapons Expert for his competence with pistol, AR15 and shotgun. He was awarded the Keith Connelly Memorial Award by his fellow instructor trainees and was recognized as the first instructor trainee in FLETC history to score perfect qualification scores with every weapon. Alex has enjoyed training with; FBI - North Chicago, Ken Hackathorn, Paul Howe, Phil Singleton, Clint Smith, and others and has received certification on the use of the tactical rifle, semi-auto shotgun, pump shotgun, service pistol, low-light tactics, street survival tactics, and other subjects. In addition to formal training Alex has focused his efforts on developing his own skill by increasing his practical knowledge in the defensive use of firearms. Alex concentrates his training efforts based on the needs of the student shooter and always tries to keep it fun.”






Drew Kavanaugh was born in Rhode Island. He served in the United States Marine Corps, and has worked in the personal protection and security fields for business professionals, music industry personnel, and specializes in child protective services. Drew was a member of the very first DAVAD defense class, and has worked for DAVAD for over seven years. Drew has been shooting in one way or another for over 40 years. Drew has instructed civilian law-enforcement and Military personnel. Drew is an instructor for pistol carbine and shotgun, but no long range rifle, as math has been a lifelong nemesis! Drew assist Daniel Lombard in many of the DAVAD Defense classes, and is also our go to guy for private lessons. Drew particularly likes to work with beginners and intermediate, and enjoys taking on solo or small group private lessons.




Karl served 28 years as a Special Agent in the FBI with 22 years assigned to the FBI Chicago Regional Training facility.  Karl was in charge of training over 400 agents in firearms, tactics, defensive tactics and active shooter response.   Karl also developed and was the lead instructor for the FBI Chicago Regional Training Facility Basic Sniper, Enhanced Sniper, Designated Marksman and Carbine Instructor School.  Karl was also an assistant instructor for the FBI Chicago Regional Training Facility Basic SWAT School, Firearms Instructor School, Ballistic Shield Instructor School and Pistol Red Dot Instructor School.  These schools have trained thousands of law enforcement officers from across the country and officers from as far away as Canada and Brazil.

Karl also was an operator on the Chicago FBI SWAT Team for 23 years.  Karl’s performance as a SWAT Operator led to Karl being promoted to an assisted team Leader from 2007-2018, sniper team leader 2018-2019 and Bravo Team Leader 2019-2023.  Karl was responsible for the training and tactical deployment of the 21 operators of the FBI Chicago Bravo SWAT Team.  The team’s duties included high risk warrant service, hostage rescue, active shooter response, dignitary protection and special event security.  

Karl’s training from the FBI in Firearms and Tactics is extensive.  Karl attended the (2) week FBI Firearms Instructor School in 2000 and FBI Firearms Instructor Recertification every 4 years after that.  Karl also attended the FBI National Tactical Training Unit (NTTU) Level 1 and Level 2 Firearms Instructor School.  On the tactical side Karl attended the FBI NTTU CQB level 1 and level 2 Schools.  The combination of these schools qualified Karl to attend the NTTU Team Leader Course which certified Karl to be Senior Team Leader in the National FBI SWAT Program.

Karl Heger.JPG
Instructor Certifications:
  • FBI Firearms Instructor School (FBI Firearms Instructor Recertification school every 4 years)

  • FBI Tactical Instructor School

  • FBI Defensive Tactics Instructor School

  • FBI Firearms Training Unit Pistol Red Dot Instructor School

  • ALERRT Active Shooter Instructor School

  • Sig Sauer Law Enforcement Master Pistol/Rifle Instructor School

  • Glock Pistol Red Dot Instructor School

  • Paul Howe CSAT Carbine Instructor School

  • VTAC Night Vision Instructor School

  • Diamond Back Tactical Shield Instructor School

  • Paul Howe CSAT Shoot House Instructor School





Nick has been an instructor with DAVAD for the last 3 years and is a certified NRA instructor as well as a certified state of Illinois concealed carry instructor. He has been a shooter since a young age and brings a passion to the instruction he gives his students.

Nick brings a unique mechanical skill set to the team and is the lead on our armorers' classes and weapons maintenance classes.



Szymon was born in Poland. He emigrated to the US as a child. Fast forward to adulthood Szymon joined the Chicago Police Department where he is and has been serving as a Police Officer for 8 years. After graduating from the Police Academy Szymon decided that shooting is a diminishing skill and wanted to continue expanding his firearms knowledge. With that in mind Szymon was introduced to Daniel and DAVAD Defense where he began his time as a student attending classes. As time went on Szymon slowly moved over to the instructor side where he assists in teaching pistol as well as carbine. Szymon enjoys working with students on all levels since he believes everyone can offer some new insight.

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