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What if I just shop for the cheapest instructor? Will the end result be the same or not?

This is partially true. If just the CCL is your goal, you may get lucky, but what if the worst case scenario comes to pass and you have to use your firearm to defend yourself or a loved one?  Almost certainly you will end up in some form of litigation, and who would you choose to testify to your abilities as a CCL student? DAVAD instructors are experts in their subject matter and have extensive court room testimony experience, both in state and federal court.

What if I do not own a handgun yet?  Can I still train with DAVAD?

Yes, provide loaners free of charge.  This is a good option if you are unsure of what firearm to purchase.  Our instructors have experience with many weapons systems and can help guide you to a purchase right for your needs.

Do you take private or  group bookings?

Yes.  You can get your own group together and book a class with us.  This allows flexibility of scheduling and allows you to tailor the class around students needs. 10 students are the preferred number. Please contact us at to request a private or group booking.

Do you accept the credits toward the CCL that the ISP lists?

No. We standardize our training so the product is uniform, and this way students get the full benefit of what time is available.   We will however, offer a discount for cases where this credit would have been helpful.

Where do you conduct your training?

We conduct our training at DS Arms in Lake Barrington and Shore Galleries in Lincolnwood, Illinois for Illinois Concealed Carry as well as  The Compound located  in Crete, Illinois. 

Do I need a FOID card to participate in a training class?

You must be eligible to obtain a FOID card to participate in the CCL course.  Other course will require the FOID card.

Do you offer make up classes?

Yes, we will be as flexible as possible with scheduling. Please see our cancellation policy for more details 

What if I already have my CCL and want to take one of your classes.

You are what we consider the ideal candidate, and this one of the reasons we focus on training civilians. Ideally we would prefer you take our basic handgun class as this is a building block in our methodology of instruction. If your skill level has mastered the fundamentals and you meet our safety standards, we will waive our basic class, and you may register for our intermediate offering.

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