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Steel Speed Shooting Clinic

There is also no better feeling then running a perfect set on the plate rack. This clinic will help you learn the proper techniques and build on your current skills to get you running the rack faster then ever. We will cover the steps from drawing the pistol to transitioning from plate to plate, including on a timer. We will also look at the mindset you need to compete at your best. Students will have the chance to have one and one assessment and tips they can use to become a master on the plate rack. Dueling tree competitions and the rotator challenge will also be in play!


Steel Speed Shooting Clinic

    • A semi-automatic pistol 

    • 200 rounds of ammunition

    • Spare magazines and holders

    • Ear and eye protection ( We Reccomend Electronic Ear Protection)

    • Stiff Shooting Belt 

    • Holster 

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