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Red Dot Pistol Standards Course

This course is for shooters who have experience with shooting the Red Dot Pistol Mounted Optic. This course will consist of a review of the fundamentals with tips and tricks to improve speed and accuracy. The course will then focus on shooting various qualifications from law enforcement agencies and military organizations. For example, one course that be fired is the course of fire used by a major federal law enforcements agency to qualify as a firearms instructor. The courses will allow the shooter to determine where they would stand. The emphasis is on tactical courses and not competition courses. This course will have a higher round count than other DAVAD classes. Course may be fired with iron sight pistol if the shooter wishes.


Red Dot Pistol Standards Course

    • Handgun with holster
    • 4 pistol magazines
    • 500 rounds of pistol ammunition.
    • Wrap around ballistic eye protection.
    • Knee protection is optional.


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