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Mid-Range Shooting Fundamentals

The first part of this course will cover the basics needed to utilize a scoped rifle and acquire the skills needed to achieve success in the Designated Marksman Rifle class. Emphasis will be placed on scoped AR style rifles, but all scoped rifles can be utilized. The course will cover proper utilization of the scope to include how to make scope adjustments, how to figure proper rifle Data of Previous Engagements (DOPE), zeroing out of turrets, parallax and proper eye relief.

The second portion of this course will focus on basic rifle fundamentals and positional shooting. Non supported and supported shooting positions will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on dry firing each position prior to live firing the position. Proper zeroing of rifles will be conducted from the 100-yard line. Unsupported positional shooting will be utilized at the 50- and 100-yard line. Supported positional shooting will be utilized at 150 yard and 200-yard line.

The student should possess basic rifle handling skills and a properly mounted rifle scope. Scopes can be fixed power, LVPO or variable power scopes. Magnifiers are not appropriate for this class.

Mid-Range Shooting Fundamentals

    • Bipod, light weight bipod or grip pod to assist in prone shooting.
    • Rear support bag.
    • 200 rounds of ammunition.
    • Ear and eye protection; rifle sling.


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