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Intro to Red Dot

Red dots on handguns are the future as far as sights on handguns are concerned. Law enforcement agencies locally and internationally are embracing this new concept and adopting them with a steady pace.


What benefit would a red dot provide for someone who carries for defensive reasons?


Red dot sights allow the shooter to be target focused, which is the natural human response in almost any situation, focus on target and place the dot where you want the bullet to impact. We discuss different types of sights and mounting systems and allow students to shoot different types of electronic sights. Techniques geared toward quickly acquiring the dot are discussed and practiced. Shooting with both eyes open and cross eye dominant shooting is also addressed. We also cover alternative sighting methods in the event the red dot sight stops working and work with students to determine what method works best for them and their type of sight.

Intro to Red Dot

SKU: reddot050722
  • Equipment needed:

    • Red dot equipped handgun 

    • 300 rounds

    • Eye and ear protection

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