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Intro to Handgun

A basic overview of handguns focusing on safety, storage and basic shooting tips plus techniques. You may not become a competitive shooter after you finish this course but you will gain the confidence that you would know what to do. Just in case.


Learn how to hold, load, shoot and safely store a weapon in case you’re ever in a dangerous situation where you may need to take action. It’s not a lifestyle choice. Rather, it’s a skill you think you should have some basic knowledge and understanding about. Just in case…

Intro to Handgun

    • Handgun, eye and ear protection

    • We have a large inventory of different handguns so students can try different handguns before you buy, a great way to help make the right choice for you.

    • 50-100 rounds

    • No FOID card required for this class however without one you can not legally possess firearms or ammunition.

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