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Intro to AR 15 - Home Defense

CLASS INCLUDES 50rnds of .223/5.56 ammo/ Rental Rifles are available 


In recent months there has been a surge of people purchasing semi-automatic carbine type rifles in part due to national media attention on a possible ban that is unlikely to materialize.


Never before have there been so many of these rifles owned by the average civilian, and this has led to the discovery that they are fun to shoot, easy to teach students to use as home defense weapons and are extremely effective.  Additionally, with the correct ammunition there will be less penetration than with most handgun calibers.  A purpose built AR 15 that is light and maneuverable with a light mounted and illuminated sights makes for a very effective defensive tool, and some manufacturers will be focusing on this product for women shooters especially.


We offer this basic class to introduce students to the capabilities of this weapon system, and we will guide students on how to choose the correct upgrades and avoid over accessorizing their rifle.  For students who do not have a rifle we have loaner rifles provided by DAVAD Defense.  If you have already purchased this type of rifle, this class will give you a good basic understanding on the level of training needed to be prepared to use this weapon system.


Topics covered:

  • Safety protocols, muzzle awareness and method of operation

  • Routine maintenance and disassembly procedures

  • Correct mounting of optics and accessories

  • Tactical application of a sling system

  • Concept of line of sight versus line of bore and how it relates to close proximity shooting

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship with a rifle

  • Zeroing techniques

Intro to AR 15 - Home Defense

    • Acceptable rifles are the AR 15 type rifles, Ruger mini 14, Sig series and similar type
    • Sling and at least 1 spare magazine 
    • 200 rounds
    • Eye and ear protection
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