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Intermediate Tactical Rifle

This course will focus on multiple target engagements and mastering carbine techniques. Emphasis will be placed on weapon handling to include transitions and reloads. Target engagements will be from 5 yards to 100. Positional shooting will be emphasized as well. This is not recommended for the beginner shooter. The shooter should be familiar with rifle to pistol transitions and moving quickly from position to position. Shooter needs to be in reasonable physical condition because shooter will be moving from standing, kneeling and prone position.

Intermediate Tactical Rifle

    • Rifle with sling
    • 4 rifle magazines
    • Handgun and holster
    • 3 pistol magazines
    • 300 rounds rifle
    • 100 rounds pistol
    • Wrap around ballistic eye protection.
    • Elbow and knee pads recommended.
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