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Advanced Integrated Carbine/Handgun

This advanced course will begin with fundamentals drills with both pistol and rifle focusing on practical accuracy at varying distances. Drills will build through multiple target and movement drills, and include barricade and position shooting. Rifle zero also will be confirmed. The course will finish off with solo exercises that will involve movement and/or physical exertion and require both pistol and rifle engagement.  Attendees must be comfortable with all aspects of operating both pistol and rifle in a safe manner.
Class size will be limited to 8 attendees.

Advanced Integrated Carbine/Handgun

  • - Rifle with sling (or AR type pistol with sling) and three mags minimum
    - Pistol with holster and three mags minimum- Chamber flag
    - 300 rounds rifle ammo
    - 300 rounds pistol ammo
    - Wrap around eye protection
    - Hearing protection
    - Knee and elbow pads suggested
    - Gloves strongly suggested

    - Chamber flag

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