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Indoor Low Light Extended Course

An expansion on our first Low Light Skills & Drills class, this course will be half classroom and half range. Class topics will include explaining candelas vs. lumens, how to properly navigate and control a hand-held light or weapon-mounted light in your home, and how to negotiate possible barriers within your dwelling. We will also share product knowledge, and  feature a flashlight show & tell for students to try out, even in class! At the range, students will learn and utilize hand-held techniques, as well as how to practice these techniques in their own home. Best of all its indoors so RAIN OR SHINE!



Indoor Low Light Extended Course

    • Suitable handgun 

    • Hand-held flashlight or weapon-mounted light (suggested but not required)

    • IWB/OWB holster 

    • Stiff/ firm belt

    • 100 rounds of ammunition (minimum)

    • Eye and ear protection

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