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IL Concealed Carry Course @ DSArms (Barrington, IL)

Our Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL) class consists of interactive classroom instruction and discussion on all the topics mandated by the Illinois State Police (ISP). We encourage class participation, and every effort is made to give students a realistic understanding of the practical implications of the new responsibility they are about to undertake. This course is focused on the new shooter and introduces them to the principles of using a handgun for personal defense.  This course will exceed the requirements set forth by the Illinois State Police (ISP).


Our CCL class is comprised of two sessions and  Topics covered in each session, including but not limited to, noted below: Students will need to compelate both Session A & B to be approved to apply for IL CCW Liscense.


Class A and Class 


Session A - 8 Hours 

  • Firearm safety including handling, home storage, vehicle storage, safety in the home with a particular emphasis on children in the home

  • Basic principles of marksmanship

  • Pistol knowledge, overview of weapon types and weapon familiarization

  • Proper handgun selection, equipment inspection and substitution if deemed necessary

  • Ammunition knowledge

  • Brief and range protocol/ weapon handling skills/ drawing from the holster

  • Dry fire and live fire drills are designed to complement each other

  • Handgun concealment options and techniques


Session B - 8 Hours 

  • All applicable State and Federal laws relating to the ownership, storage, carry, and transportation of a firearm

  • Interaction in this portion of the class is encouraged and is taught by a subject matter expert

  • Practical range exercises

  • Primer to the importance of mental conditioning, tactical thought process in conjunction with one’s mechanical knowledge and the realities of operating under the influence of stress

  • Illinois law and FOID Act

  • Use of force principles

  • Legal use of force decision making exercises

     16 hours total




IL Concealed Carry Course @ DSArms (Barrington, IL)

    • Taking this course does not guarentee approval of IL CCW Liscense.
    • Additional Charges for ISP application fees and Fingerprinting are NOT included in the course fee. 
    • Students do not need a valid FOID card to take their CCW course. Both CCW and FOID can be applied for at the same time. 
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