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Home Defense Shotgun

Many students serious about home defense quickly realize that there are other options available to the homeowner and better tools available.


This course will introduce the student to the concept of using a shotgun for home defense to complement the handgun. The penetration capabilities of shotgun vs handgun ammunition will be demonstrated. Students will learn principles of shooting a long gun in the combat role and learn different techniques for loading as well as transitioning to the handgun. We will also demonstrate techniques to manage recoil for those of smaller stature.


Topics covered

  • Basic principles of safety and marksmanship.

  • Concept of deploying a shotgun and the advantages versus handgun

  • Loading and status check techniques as well as ammunition management and selecting different specific loads

  • Use of buckshot and specific effective distance test

  • Use of different sling techniques

  • Malfunction drills and emergency transition drills

  • Alternative sight options, ghost ring , red dot etc.

  • Weapon mounted lights and options.

Home Defense Shotgun

    • Semi auto or pump action shotgun

    • Eye and ear protection as well as clothing to suit the elements

    • 300 rounds bird shot, 50 buckshot and 20 slugs

    • Handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition

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