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Holster 2 – Drawing from Concealment

Continues the evolution from Holster Part 1 and moves to drawing from concealment as well as from IWB

(inside waistband) and explores different techniques based on clothing and holster options. Safety is critical in all our classes and in this class we are extra vigilant and some drills may be done one on one. Please feel free to email if you have questions about holster types and suggestions to avoid coming to class with inferior equipment.

Holster 2 – Drawing from Concealment

    • Holster 1 or simallar into class 
    • please contact us with any questions 
    • Handgun

    • Appropriate holster and stiff belt

    • Minimum 1 spare magazine

    • 200 rounds ammunition

    • Eye and ear protection

    • Variety of options for clothing including jacket, sweater, etc.

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