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Handgun Fundamentals

This class is the knowledge base of handgun shooting and is a great foundation to further learning. At DAVAD we often work with shooters that want to achieve a higher level of performance and may need some correction with technique. Going back to the fundamentals and getting a refresher course will result in an improved shooting performance.


If you are new to shooting or have recently completed /are planning to get your Illinois Concealed Carry License, then this is a good place to start and learn the correct and safe way to shoot a handgun well. Students will learn the safe way to operate a handgun and a large part of this class will focus on actual physical gun handling skills, how to move and handle loaded handguns.


Topics covered:

  • Correct and safe draw from the holster

  • The importance of the correct grip and how to establish it when drawing the handgun

  • Stance and the body’s natural point of aim principle

  • Sight alignment techniques

  • Trigger control techniques

  • Manipulation and (un)loading techniques

  • Marksmanship

  • Mastering the fundamentals

  • This class will count toward your Illinois Concealed Carry License if you choose to apply for one.

Handgun Fundamentals

    • Suitable handgun

    • At least 2 magazines

    • Appropriate holster

    • 300 rounds of ammunition (minimum)

    • Eye and ear protection

    • Weather appropriate clothing

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