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Dynamic Vehicle Tactics

This has been upgraded to a 2 day class.  This Class focuses on Fighting in and around vehicles brings forth a unique set of challenges which the student may encounter. This class is designed to prepare the student with skills and tactics that will win that fight. Engaging threats from inside and outside the vehicle as well as shooting from unconventional positions will be practiced extensively.  Live fire and simunition exercise included in this course.  Pistol ballistics through vehicle materials and windshields will also be discussed.

Dynamic Vehicle Tactics

  • Students must have completed a DAVAD course or have LEO credentials.

    • Ammunition 200 rounds
    • Semi-auto pistol w/3 magazines
    • Duty belt with holster w/ magazine pouches
    • Concealed carry holders must have a secure hard sided holster and belt worn magazine pouches
    • Eye and ear protection
    • Knee and elbow pads recommended
    • Long sleeve t shirt or light jacket and groin protection recommended for the force on force portion of the class
    • Gloves
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