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Defensive Handgun 1 - Skills

Designed for those who already have or intend to carry a weapon for defensive purposes, this class covers what the 16 hour Concealed Carry class does not including a focus on safe and rapid deployment of your handgun and practical marksmanship. We go back to the fundamentals and focus on the ability to get rapid hits on target using multiple steel and paper targets. We cover clearing malfunctions and reloading techniques and focus on correct weapons manipulation.  This is a great opportunity for correct practice drawing your handgun and breaking some bad habits you may have developed on the range.


If you have only ever done a Concealed Carry class, consider this as a critical component to improving your skillset.

Defensive Handgun 1 - Skills

    • Handgun (students may bring more than one handgun):

      • If you carry a low capacity handgun like a Glock 43 or M&P Shield please have a least 6 magazines available. We have some loaner magazines available but please confirm this in advance

      • For high capacity handguns, 3 magazines are recommended

    • Ammunition:  300 rounds 

    • Belt: Stiff firm belt

    • Holster: Outside waistband holster.  May also be “in the waist band” type but bring a holder in case your holder does not meet our safety standards

    • Clothing should be climate related but bring a jacket to use in the drawing from concealment portion of the class

    • Eye and ear protection 

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