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D-Day Anniversary Shoot

Eighty years ago this year, almost 133,000 of our American and allied soldiers landed on the Normandy beaches on DDay. (June 6th 1944), turning the tide of the war and against all odds, they selflessly pushed forward to liberate Europe and beyond.  We owe them our thought, our respect, and our freedom. 

To commemorate this amazing feat and experience the weapons they fought with and against, come to the Compound and experience shooting authentic WWII weapons with WWII ammo!!  Please also bring your modern firearms; the plate racks will be in play.

Before we begin shooting, our range officers will give a brief tutorial on the available weapons. This will be like show and tell...except that you actually get to shoot the guns...with some surprises. Understandably, ammo for some of these weapons is scarce and rare, and will be both priced accordingly and available to be purchased separately. Even if you never had a family member in the war, come experience this special event!




D-Day Anniversary Shoot

  • NOTE: There will be a fee to fire these weapons, which may vary depending upon country and caliber. Also, if you have any of these historical pieces, please feel free to bring them, even if you have no ammunition.

    - Special ammunition will need to be purchased separately.

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