AR-15 Skills & Drills

Ar-15 Skills & Drills session offers students a chance to practice and hone their rifle skills they have learned in previous classes. We will cover previous concepts and quick refreshers, but put the focus on trigger time and reps on drills and weapon manipulations that are needed to be proficient with their carbine. Students will be able to sight in their optics and trouble shoot or test out their rifles. This is also the perfect time to bring along a friend or family member who wants to get hands on an AR-15 rifle and see what DAVAD Defense is all about.

AR-15 Skills & Drills

  • Equipment Needed:

    • Acceptable rifles are the AR 15 type rifles, Ruger mini 14, Sig series and similar type

    • Sling 
    • 200 rounds of ammunition with spare magazines
    • Magazine pouches and gloves are recommended
    • Ear and eye protection 

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