This class is geared toward the shooter that has completed our fundamentals class or defensive pistol class. Class will consist of recap of all fundamentals with particular focus on the draw from a holster. This is not a beginner class and you will need to have completed one of the DAVAD classes or at least have a level of proficiency above that of a beginner.


Dynamic movement is a part of this class and students should expect some level of physical exertion.


Class will consist of shooting at contact distances, moving rearward while engaging threat as well as some one-handed manipulation of the pistol.  Students will be shooting at three-dimensional hard rubber targets that may be moving.

Advanced Pistol Skills – Close Contact Shooting

    • A semi-automatic pistol is preferred 

    • 1 old T-shirt that can be sacrificed for targets or that will be damaged due to powder burns

    • 200 rounds of ammunition with spare magazine

    • Ear and eye protection (we will have available if needed)

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