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Advanced Pistol Skills – Close Contact Shooting

One of our 4 advanced pistol courses, this course focuses on moving and handling your firearm in confined spaces. This class puts more of a focus on the concealed carry skill set. Students will focus on efficient holster draws and directional movement while engaging a threat. Close contact pistol manipulation and off hand shooting will also be covered. You will also have an opportunity to shoot on a 3d Target that offers a more realistic training scenario that paper targets just cannot offer. This is the next step for students who have taken the concealed carry critical skills course with us and are looking to start focusing on the key focuses of higher level shooting. 


Key Focuses of the class:

  • Efficient Holster draw from the concealed position
  • Lateral movement while engaging a target 
  • Forward and backward movement while engaging a target
  • 2 hand, single hand and off hand pistol manipulations
  • Effective management of a pistol in tight quarters 


Dynamic movement is a part of this class and students should expect some level of physical exertion.

This is not a beginner class and you will need to have completed one of the DAVAD classes or at least have a high level of proficiency.

Advanced Pistol Skills – Close Contact Shooting

    • A semi-automatic pistol 

    • 1 old T-shirt that can be sacrificed for targets or that will be damaged due to powder burns

    • 200 rounds of ammunition

    • Spare magazines and holders

    • Ear and eye protection ( We Reccomend Electronic Ear Protection)

    • Stiff Shooting Belt 

    • Holster 

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