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Advanced Handgun

Designed for those who go in harms way with a handgun, it is a best practices class using techniques taught by leading federal law enforcement agencies.


Focus is on proficient gun handling skills and taking student outside of their regular comfort zone and exposing them to techniques not generally taught in entry level classes.


Topics covered:

  • Close contact shooting

  • Shooting on the move

  • Alternative manipulation skills

  • Speed shooting, running the gun faster

  • Alternative ways of clearing malfunctions single handed and wounded officer shooting drills are introduced.

  • Shooting drills with the dominant and support hands

  • Students will be challenged with a series of drills to improve speed and accuracy while making the best tactical decisions

Advanced Handgun

    • Handgun with 3 magazines minimum, low capacity 6 or more

    • 300 rounds ammunition

    • Holster belt mounted and magazine pouches (LE officers use duty gear) no IWH (in the waist holster) for this class

    • Knee and elbow pads (recommended)

    • Eye and ear protection

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