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CQB/Room Clearing 101 for Home Defense

You are your own first responder. This class will introduce you to concepts of doing quick room clearing and securing family members in the event of an emergency situation. This is based on a single person will not cover team-based tactics.  The most effective ways to approach moving through your home while armed, and how to approach some of the possible challenges you could face if an intruder/s has made entry will be addressed. These techniques will help you formulate your best home defense plan. We will also cover more general concepts to increase the security of your home and family against forced entry.

CQB/Room Clearing 101 for Home Defense

    • Suitable handgun 

    • IWB/OWB holster 

    • Stiff/ firm belt

    • 100 rounds of ammunition (minimum)

    • Eye and ear protection

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