Who we are

Whether you are seeking real world firearms training for personal defense, a career in law enforcement or you want to learn to be a competitive pistol shooter, we have the experience on staff necessary to provide you with the skills needed to survive and succeed.

DAVAD Civilian Defense is a Chicago based company that focuses on a holistic approach to firearms training and education, as well as home safety for the private citizen and their family.

We base our civilian defense training on three fundamental pillars –

1) physical and mechanical skills training

2) psychological response of the human body under stress

3) the rule of law regarding self defense

Our instructors are current law enforcement professionals and tactical trainers with vast experience in all aspects of firearms training.

We offer a curriculum that will certify you for the state mandated 16 hours concealed carry requirement but we also have additional training available.

The average Chicago police recruit receives 80+ hours of firearms training as well as an additional 80+ hours weapons retention, defensive tactics and use of force legal training – for good reason.

It is our contention the state mandated 16 hours for concealed carry leaves the average citizen at a huge disadvantage when it comes to lethal force encounters.

We strive to ensure that the private citizen will receive quality training, an appreciation and understanding of the legal aspects surrounding the right to own a firearm and the responsibilities that follow including the importance of home safety.

Firearm ownership is not for everyone and the decision to carry, own a firearm should not be entered into lightly. We look forward to working with you to make this the right decision for you and your family.