Urban Police Fighter

This custom course is tailored for the Police Officer who wants to enhance both their carbine and pistol skills. Students will be taken through drills such as shooting while moving, shooting while utilizing cover, and close quarter shooting. Transition drills and one handed weapon manipulation will also be covered in detail. Class is set at a fast pace with little down time. Students will advance their weapon skills through scenarios taken from real world situations Train the way you fight.

Student Requirements:

  • Carbine w/ sling & 4 magazines
  • 300 rounds of carbine ammunition
  • Chest rig or magazine holders
  • Semi-auto pistol w/ 3 magazines
  • 250 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • Duty belt holster w/ magazine pouches
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Knee/elbow pads recommended
  • Gloves recommended