Security Needs Analysis

This consultation is directed toward people that are considering a firearm as a home/personal defense choice and who may be considering obtaining a concealed carry license. Focus is on safety and responsible use of firearms and would include the dynamics of introducing a firearm into a family setting with focus on children and solutions to safety concerns. A security analysis of the home including electronic security and physical perimeter security will be assessed and solutions offered.

Suggestions on types of firearms and accessories will be proposed along with a discussion surrounding the tactical application of these tools.  Thereafter, a realistic training program can be developed and implemented depending on specific needs.

The ideal candidate for this offering would be someone who has never handled a firearm and/or someone who may have security concerns due to profile in a community or line of business and feels an elevated security risk.

This is a specific needs offering and would be by appointment only.  Course would fulfill the safety training part of the concealed carry permit.

Price:  Please contact DAVAD Civilian Defense for pricing ( or (312) 888-0745