Police Carbine

This special one day custom course is tailored for the Police Officer who carries a carbine on duty. The class will start with basic fundamentals such as reloads and clearing malfunctions. Shooting on the move, engaging targets from various positions and shooting from cover will also be covered. At the end of the day students will be engaging steel targets at 100 yards. Students will be able to train utilizing the gear they wear. Train how you FIGHT !


 Student Requirements:


  • Carbine w/ sling & 4 magazines
  • 400 rds of Carbine Ammunition
  • Chest Rig or Magazine holders
  •  Semi-Auto Pistol w/ 3magazines
  • 50 rds of Pistol Ammunition
  • Duty Belt Holster w/ magazine pouches 
  • Eye and Ear Protection

Price:  $175.