Officer Safety and Survival Tactics

Police Patrol Officers encounter members of the public on a daily basis who present unknown levels of risk for violence prior to, during, and after contact.  This course is geared towards Uniformed and Civilian Dress Officers involved in street level contact with citizens on foot and in vehicles.  Concepts related to tactical approach and positioning will be discussed for solo officers and officers working with partners.  Unknown risk and high risk traffic stop approach techniques along with Fighting in and around vehicles will also be discussed.  Live fire and simulation exercise included in course.

Students must have completed a DAVAD course or have LEO credentials.

Equipment needed:

  • Ammunition 200 rounds
  • Semi-auto pistol w/3 magazines
  • Duty belt holster w/ magazine pouches
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Knee and elbow pads recommended
  • Long sleeve t shirt or light jacket and groin protection recommended for the force on force portion of the class
  • Gloves