Introduction to shooting with Night Observation Devices (NODs)

Due to many questions and requests about night shooting with night observation devices (NODs) we designed this class to educate LE agencies and those individuals who want to acquire them for personal use.

Shooting and observation portions of this class will be conducted in total darkness and due to range restrictions will need to be conducted with subsonic ammunition and with suppressors.

Students will do exercises to determine the abilities and limitations of using NODs. Specifically, the ability to observe and identify targets and limitations on facial recognition, threat discrimination exercises.

Focus and adjustment of devices and best practices for movement and orientation to a 2-dimensional world.

Shooting using weapon mounted night vision and shooting using IR laser aiming systems will be demonstrated.

Students will be able to shoot rifles and pistols in total darkness

Equipment needed:

  • DAVAD will supply DS Arms 300 blk carbines for the class as well as the subsonic ammunition.
  • Students are able to use their own rifles; however, they must confirm that the rifle is compatible with the suppressor that we provide.
  • Students may also use their own NODs, they must however be either PVS 14, MUM 14 or Pvs 7 nvg generation 3 with helmet or crye cap head mount.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information in this class and the ITAR controlled items being used this class is only open to Law Enforcement officers and those civilian students that we have trained and know are proficient with carbines. LE officers you must be department carbine trained; you are expected to be able to manipulate the rifle in total darkness.