Intermediate Handgun I

This class is for the shooter that has completed either our Basic Handgun class or our Illinois Concealed Carry License class.

The student will be introduced to the basic principles of using a handgun in a defensive role and will focus on the fundamentals as well as a tactical thought process for problem solving. This class is conducted entirely on the range, and students are encouraged to dress accordingly.

Equipment needed:

  • Handgun and appropriate holster, belt and magazine pouches and 3 magazines.
  • Eye and ear protection and cap that will offer protection from the elements.
  • At least 400 rounds of ammunition.

Topics covered:

  • Recap on principles of marksmanship and remedial if necessary, focus on muzzle awareness and safety
  • Malfunction drills and loading techniques and alternative hand loading options
  • Concept of displacement while shooting and retreating with a handgun while shooting
  • Tactical and situational awareness and principle of scanning surroundings
  • Safe movement with a handgun, depressed muzzle or position Sul technique
  • Concept of the different shooting positions and possible applications

Price:  $195.  Total course time 8 hours.