Intermediate Handgun I (Defensive Handgun 1 Skills)

The focus of this class is building the mechanical skillset needed to effectively engage threats with the handgun you would carry. Ideally you should have a basic skillset in being able to shoot your handgun with some degree of effective accuracy. This is not a beginner class and if learning to shoot accurately and manipulate it is your goal then our fundamental handgun class would better suit your needs.

Topics covered:

  • Drawing the handgun effectively and being able to shoot from different points of the presentation and close quarters shooting techniques.
  • Ability to draw from different types of concealment and techniques for different clothing types and holsters including inside the waistband (“IWB”) holsters.
  • Techniques to clear malfunctions common with this kind of shooting.
  • Introduction of aggressive lateral or rearward movement while engaging a target while moving.
  • Concept of being able to assess and use cover to your advantage.
  • Although not a tactics class, students will be introduced to engaging a moving robotic target in close quarters that is controlled by one of our instructors.  Hits can be recorded, and students can assess their ability on this dynamic training tool.

Equipment needed:

  • Handgun (students may bring more than one handgun)
    • If you carry a low capacity handgun like a Glock 43 or M&P Shield please have a least 6 magazines available. We have some loaner magazines available but please confirm this in advance
    • For high capacity handguns, 3 magazines are recommended
  • 350 rounds of ammunition
  • Holster.  Can be “in the waist band” type but bring a holder in case your holder does not meet our safety standards
  • Clothing should be climate related but bring a jacket to use in the drawing from concealment portion of the class
  • Eye and ear protection 

Price:  $195.