Intermediate Handgun 2

Pre requisite:  Intermediate Handgun I

Equipment needed:  Same as Intermediate Handgun 1.

This class will continue to build on the principles and techniques learned in the previous class, and some new material will be added. We continually revisit the fundamentals and remediate where necessary. At this stage the student should be able to perform at a consistant level on demand, and this class will begin to focus on the finer points of shooting skills development.

Topics covered:

  • Recap and evaluation of skill level and equipment
  • Introduction to precision shooting at realistic distances
  • Target discrimination and threat analysis
  • Cover vs Concealment and the tactical use of both
  • Barricade shooting techniques
  • Movement while shooting and situational awareness
  • Introduction to flashlight techniques and concepts of low light shooting

Price:  $195.  Total course time 8 hours.