Corporate Events

Are you looking for a completely different way to entertain clients or for a unique team building exercise?  How about a day or two at a shooting range to receive gun safety instruction from SWAT instructors?  We’ll put you and your team / guests through a SWAT weapons training session where you’ll practice shooting a variety of firearms such as the AK 47, a .50 caliber rifle, and others. In addition to receiving basic handgun instruction, your team/ guests will learn to hit targets at 600 yards with a sniper rifle and have hands-on experience shooting weapons used in World War II.

DAVAD Civilian Defense uses the former Blackwater North training facility for its corporate events. It is ideally suited for these types of outings with onsite lodging (4 cabins that can accommodate 4 people each). Located near Galena for anyone interested in a weekend get-away. Our one-day events are quite popular, and provide a practical approach to gun safety instruction and team building skills.

Come learn a new skill (or improve upon an existing one), build confidence, learn what it really means to rely on one another while having a great time getting to know your colleagues / clients better. A day or two at the range complies with equality and discrimination policy and law; there are no restrictions with age, gender, race, and disabilities.